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Water polo rule update from British Swimming

March 20, 2013
(a)    Referees are to issue a red card (in addition to making the prescribed hand signals) to a player excluded for an offence under WP 21.10 (Misconduct) or WP 21.11 (Brutality), as described in the FINA Water Polo Rules at Appendix A.  [Note: the failure of a referee to show the red card shall not affect the imposition of a sanction under the ASA Water Polo Disciplinary Regulations].
(b)    Time outs must be requested by the head coach in accordance with the FINA Water Polo Rules and Instructions. If there is no head coach, another team official on the team bench may request the time outs. If there is no other team official on the team bench to request the time outs, any team member may request the time outs.
(c)    It was also confirmed that a player cannot act in the capacity of head coach or any other team official (or vice versa) in any match.
(d)    By way of clarification, vocal encouragement for a team, including celebrating goals or good play, by substitutes on the team bench is not to be construed as “coaching” or misbehaviour and is not to be discouraged or sanctioned by referees or Delegates, unless it is considered to be excessive.
(e)    Referees are to check that players have removed any articles likely to cause injury, and do not play with uncut fingernails. Inspections are to be made prior to every match, without exception.


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