Lancaster Make the Premier League

Lancaster City Swimming and Water Polo Club have continued their progress in the British Water Polo League by making it to the Super 5’s, the premiership of water polo. They start in just two weeks after completing the final weekend of phase one in Cardiff.

Lancaster will take on North West rivals City of Manchester, Current BWPL champions Cheltenham, Bristol and first time in the Super 5’s Invicta. Lancaster currently have thirteen national titles, more than the other four teams in Super 5 put together.

Lancaster will take on Cheltenham and Bristol over the weekend 5th and 6th December with a home weekend on Saturday 9th January were we see Lancaster take on two teams on Saturday 11.00 against Manchester and 16.55 against Invicta. Free entry.

It has not been an easy year for the club, with their head coach Ron Winn passing away, but the team have pulled together and worked hard; with the return of Chris Hartley, who has brought awealth of experience and knowledge with him.

The team has also introduced three new younger players; Jordan Titley, Stefano Cousstti and Alex Armstrong all 17 years old with Aaron Mason just 16, playing his second season for the side.

Over the weekend in Cardiff; Lancaster City lost out to City of Manchester after Lancaster lead all the way up to the final minutes of the game, losing out by just one goal. Four players made the score sheet, Tom Curwen and Graham Harrington with two goals apiece and Glen Robinson and Scott Sharpe with one each.

On Sunday Lancaster had two games a 9.00am start against Scottish team Caledonia. After a close first period, Lancaster dominated the second leading and ran out eventual winners by 18 – 8. The goals were spread out with Alex Parsonage scoring six, Curwen, Harrington and Robinson three each and Chris Hartley, Scott Sharp and Jordan Titley scoring with one apiece. This was Jordan’s first division one senior goal. Marc Robinson made some outstanding saves including saving three out of five penalties.

The final game on Sunday was disappointing for Lancaster; after only a 3 hour rest between games Lancaster played a fresh Invicta side. Again Lancaster led throughout the game all the way up to the final minute until Invicta took a one goal lead. Within 50 seconds four time outs were taken and Lancaster managed to equalise to scrape the one point and a draw. Scorers from the game were Curwen with four, Robinson and Sharpe two each, Hartley and Ryan Pinington each scored a goal.

Team: Marc Robinson, Graham Harrington, Glen Robinson, Robert Simpson, Scott Sharpe, Ryan Pinington, Tom Curwen, Roger Kennedy, Alex Parsonage, Jordan Titley, Aaron Mason, Chris Hartley and Alex Armstrong.

Staff: Zak Sly, Nigel Sharpe and Jeff Parker

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