Ellie and Sam to represent England at the EU Nations

Congratulations to Ellie Muncaster and Sam Murby who have been selected to represent England at the EU Nations in Odense 31st March – 3rd April 2016. They will be joined by Lancaster coach Andy Wilson.
The full team selcetion is below.
  1. Naya Patel
  2. Emily Pilkington
  3. Emily Watkins
  4. Jordan Parsons
  5. Fleur Kennedy
  6. Sam Murby
  7. Ellie Muncaster
  8. Abbie Turner
  9. Sasha Tinkler-Davies
  10. Frances Holder
  11. Lauren Richardson
  12. Rebecca Lee
  13. Jennifer Herring
Reserve 1 – Rebecca Yates
Reserve 2 – Harriet Cross
Reserve 3 – Lucy Thomas
Head Coach: Ian MacCallum
Assistant Coach: Andrew Wilson
Team Manager: Joan Dundee
Referee: Damien Taylor

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