Stefano Cossutti

When did you start playing water polo and why?

I had been swimming from the age of 4 and around 13 I decided that team sports suit me a lot more than competing for myself so I decided to use my swimming to my advantage and take up water polo.

Describe yourself in five words

confident, ambitious, hard working, determined

Name three people who helped you become the water polo player you are today and why?

  • Zak Sly – ever since I started water polo for school, Zak has always coached me in every team I’ve been in whether it has been North West, Lancaster juniors and now seniors
  • Ron Winn– I was always fond of Ron and our relationship was more than just polo, I could speak to him about anything. After every session he would always give me feedback on what I did well and what I needed to improve on and I really valued it.
  • Gary “Red card” Ellwood– once again, Gary was there from the beginning. He was the one that helped me improve so rapidly. I was a late starter compared to the rest of the polo players and Gary always tried his hardest to make sure I was making progress with every session.

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

Before each game I make sure I’m fed and hydrated. Always go through a little pre game routine to make sure my head is in the game and I’m 100% focused on the task ahead.

This is your first year in the BWPL how did you think it went and what will you change going into next years season. 

As a start I have really enjoyed it, the lads have been great and have made me feel like I am one of the team and not just there to make up numbers. As first season’s go I think I haven’t done too badly, getting some pool time each game and been lucky enough to score. Going into next season I need to make sure I keep training to become faster and stronger, national league is an extremely tough league to play in and to be able to play in it is an achievement.

What drives you to get better at your water polo and to become one of Lancaster starting seven players?

There are a few things that drive me to be a better polo player. I’m quite critical of myself but that helps me learn from my mistakes to make sure simple mistakes aren’t being made. My team also drive me. I like to think I’m not playing for myself but playing for the lads around me, if I do my part for them then I have contributed and makes for a better chance of success.

How do you manage your time with school work, your part time job and training?

n the beginning of the season, I struggled to balance everything so training was pushed to the side, which showed because I was very unfit. I have learnt to balance my polo, school and work life so that polo isn’t being pushed to the side, sometimes that means not going out on Saturdays but sacrifices have to be made.

You will be taking part in your last National Age Group Championships this year, how do you think the Lancaster team will do and why?

I have a really good feeling about the NAG’s this year. We have an experienced squad of players that know how to play polo and have played with each other in some form multiple times over the past few years. Personally I believe that if we work as a team and play for one another then no team will be able to stop us from winning that trophy this year.

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