Passing of John Ron Winn


One of the leaders of water polo, John, known throughout water polo as ‘Ron’, Winn, sadly passed away on Thursday 23rd  April 2015.

Ron was a long serving member, coach, friend, and “legend” of Lancaster City. He was truly dedicated to his sport, and to his club, passionate about the game and in guiding the development of many generations of water polo players and coaches. Players who were taught their polo by Ron not only won many national titles for the club, but many went on to represent Great Britain, including at the London 2012 Olympics.

Ron was an influential figure in the development of players from other clubs as well as at Lancaster; those who played against Lancaster, those whom he taught at National Water Polo Camps and many more who played in Europe and beyond.

Ron also kept his feet firmly down at grass roots level passing on his knowledge, experience and skills to the very youngest in our club. This was not just limited to the mini polo sessions he ran on Sundays but also the swimming sessions he delivered in the mornings.

His influence and passion were not only limited to our Club and the competitive world, he also ran swimming lessons for Lancaster City Council in their community pools and would regularly be seen helping out at the Salt Ayre and Heysham High School pools.

Since Ron’s untimely passing, the messages of sadness, sympathy and support we have received at the Club have been over welcoming and demonstrate the affection in which he was so widely held and quite how much of a “legend” he was throughout the UK.  He will truly be missed by all within our aquatic community…

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