Owain given captaincy in USA

headshot_2_Llewellyn_Owain2Owain has only been in Philadelphia, for three weeks and he is already impressing the coaches and his teammates!

Owain is the only water polo player in the squad from Great Britain, with the rest being from around the USA, so he was not expecting his coach Paul Macht to ask him to captain the team this weekend in their opening games.

The La Salle men’s water polo team is set to begin its inaugural season this weekend when it will be competing alongside 25 other teams in the Navy Open at Annapolis, Md. The Explorers will face four schools in a span of two days.

Head Coach Paul Macht has been impressed with Owain so far, to the point that Owain has been asked to captain the team this weekend!

After their first two games yesterday (Saturday) we caught up with Owain and he said ” It was a big challenge and a step up as it is a different culture and different way of looking at games. I have to increase my positivity and encourage the team in ways I haven’t done before. The weekend was La Salle’s first ever game so it was going to be tough. We lost both games on Saturday but we have established what we need to work on and how we’re going to work on it”

A great achievement from that school lad who never wanted to play water polo at Ripley St Thomas to being the captain of a Salle University, Philadelphia.

We all wish him the best of look in his opening weekend as captain and first choice goalkeeper!

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