New Sunday changes to swimming and water polo

As from next Sunday there will be some minor changes to the Sunday training time. This will only affect the Learn to Compete 3.45 session and Squad 1.

Learn to Compete: Those who train at 3pm will continue as normal but swimmers who normally start their session in the tank at 3.45 will now start at 3pm also.

Squad1: Will now start at the later time of 4pm and after the first week will have their session extended to 2 hours, finishing at 6pm. This means the main pool will be entirely squad swimmers from 4-6pm.

During the first week of this change the sessions will finish at the earlier time of 5.30 to accommodate a water polo fixture which is due to start at 5.30pm.

Water Polo: Mini Polo will take place in the tank from 4pm and will be followed by Water Polo team training from 5pm.

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