Marc Robinson

You started playing water polo for Kendal and moved to Lancaster why?

I first started playing at Kendal with my brother Glen for Mel but when he saw that I could go further he suggested that I went and trained at Lancaster for more experience.

Describe yourself in five words

Determined, hardworking, keen, positive, helpful

Name three people who helped you become the water polo player you are today and why?

  1. Ron Winn – When I first joined Lancaster I was a outfield player but one competition we didn’t have a keep and took it in turns, after my turn he asked if I enjoyed it and because I said ye he then made me a goalkeeper.
  2. Derek Figes –This person put a lot of time into our GB training camps helping me improve all the time as a goalkeeper.
  3. Dave Bush / Jeff Parker -after breaking into the Lancaster first these 2 people have always helped me even when I was down after making some bad mistakes they would always be there to correct it for next time.

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

I like to keep myself to myself most of time, listening to music and just chilling.

You have played for a couple of different teams before Lancaster in the BWPL what did you notice and learn from the other divisions you played in?

When I played for Solihull in division 2 this was my first year playing national league and I soon found out that the standard was much higher than I had ever played, from playing there I played for Carlisle in division 4, I found this league is a really hard league to get out of as all teams are fighting for promotion.

Why did you become a water polo goalkeeper?

I didn’t really get the option, we were short of a goalkeeper in a competition up at Sedgefield  and Ron Winn asked me to take my turn in goals, after the quarter he said “ how was that “. I replied by saying that I quite enjoyed it, from there he made me a goalkeeper, even after trying to play back out he would soon put me back in goals.

What makes a good goalkeeper.

A good goalkeeper will always look to improve, therefore they need to train all the time, also good communication with the rest of your team always helps. You also need to have no fear as you will find out, as long as the ball doesn’t go in the net it doesn’t matter where it hits you.

What is it like being a goalkeeper and what would you say to any young water polo player who is thinking of becoming one?

I personally really enjoy it as its like having your own responsibility, I would say that you should give it time and persevere. You will enjoy it in the long run.

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