Jordan Titley

When did you start playing water polo and why?

I started water polo when I was 11 years old after I moved over from swimming. I’d seen the players many times after my swimming session and thought it looked great so the next Sunday I came to water polo instead

Describe yourself in five words

Small, annoying, cheerful, competitive, sporty

Name three people who helped you become the water polo player you are today and why?

  • Ron Winn (Lancaster) – was a huge influence not just to me but to everyone he ever coached, he taught me from when I first started and consistently pushed me and made me become a better player than I thought I could be
  • Zak Sly (Lancaster) –  has also been my coach since I first started and always showed belief in me and especially over this last year he has had a big impact on helping me become a better player
  • Lastly all the players in the senior team that I have watched from a young age, I watched and copied their techniques in the hope of becoming as good as them one day

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

Before a game I’m more of a laid back person I prefer to talk and have a laugh and not be too serious otherwise nerves can affect my performance

This is your first year in the BWPL how did you think it went and what will you change going into next years season. 

The step up from junior games and division four to division one has been a huge one, the speed and intensity of the game is much higher than i’m used to. Even though it’s been tough I feel it has been successful for me in improving my game. I hope to add some gym work to my session to increase my strength as it is a vital part of the game and to not let my fitness drop when I start to attend university next year.

You have started off in the starting 7 a couple of times, how has this been and how did it make you feel?  

It’s quite a surreal feeling going from a couple years ago watching these players, copying and idolising them, to being in the same starting side as them. It’s been hard playing against numerous tough opponents from both the commonwealth games and The Olympics but it’s a good learning curve which can only help me improve and take my game to the next level

How do you manage your time with school work, your part time job and training?

It’s been tough managing everything, being organised helps a lot and planning out times to revise and work around my training schedule is the best way I feel to do this

You will be taking part in your last National Age Group Championships this year, how do you think the Lancaster team will do and why?

The Lancaster team this year is a strong one, other teams may have 2 or three good players but our team is a solid team from 1 to 13 and I trust every player on the team. No other teams have the depth of quality players that the Lancaster team has this year and I believe our team should win looking at the talent in the side.

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