Glen Robinson

When did you start playing water polo and why?

I started playing water polo for Kendal when I was 13. Having a strong swimming background I wanted to get involved in a team sport that requires skill and team work.

Describe yourself in five words?

Positive, determined, dedicated, passionate and helpful

Name three people who helped you become the water polo player you are today and why?

Ronn Winn, Christian Iordache and Andrie Iosep

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

I mentally play out my role before the game going through what my responsibilities are and how I’m going to play against my opponent!

Your original club is Kendal an started training with Lancaster, what made you move to Lancaster? 

My coach from Kendal, Mel Gossling sat down with me and said to me that I had potential to progress, and that if I was to take the sport seriously I should go to Lancaster for further training as they are the most successful club in the country!

You were in the 2012 Olympics; what were your highlights and low-lights? 

Highlights of competing at London was being able to compete in front of your home nation. Getting to meet your sporting idols! For me there was no Low-Lights it was an amazing experience that I worked so hard to achieve and that’s something I’ll never forget!

Working at a Gym (3-1-5), you must spend a lot of time training; what is your normal weekly training schedule whilst at work?

My normal training week is:
Monday- Legs and swim
Tuesday – chest & triceps & water polo (every other week)
Wednesday – X-Force, swim & abs circuit
Thursday – back & biceps & swim
Friday – abs & water polo
Saturday – rest (Unless games)
Sunday – rest  (Unless games)

Lancaster seniors has some young players; what do you think about the development of the junior players and where they have got to so far?  

I think the juniors are showing great potential as they start to integrate into the senior team. They are learning fast and using the skills they have now very well.

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