Full points for junior side

Lancaster City Swimming and Water Polo Club are looking to regain the national junior water polo championship tile and after first qualification round are looking like strong contenders as they came away with full points.

The under 19’s side took on City of Manchester B, City of Sheffield, Bristol Central and last year’s runners up Croydon. The games were only two halves of seven minutes rather than the usual four quarters butthe Lancaster side still managed to score an astonishing 37 goals over the four games.

Lancaster first game was against a young City of Manchester second team and although Manchester opened up the scoring the City side put five goals away to Manchester one in the first half with Jordan Titley scoring two and Stefano Cousstti, Aaron Mason and John Pratt one goal apiece.

Lancaster did not slow down in the second half and another six more goals hit the back of the Manchester net with Pratt scoring another two along with Cousstii 1 and Ben Turnbull, Alex Armstrong and Danial Armstrong scoring one each. Manchester managed to put two more goals away but Lancaster won their opening game 11 – 3.

Lancaster next game was against City of Sheffield. Lancaster exploded into this game with six goals scored in a fast moving first half. Isaac Wass and Prat bagged themselves two goal each along with A. Armstrong and Turnbull a goal each. Lancaster switched off a little in the second half as three goals were scored by each team with another goal each from A Armstrong, Wass and Turnbull. The final score finishing 9 – 4.

Lancaster next game was against last year’s runners up Croydon. Lancaster only had one game rest before hitting the water for their third match and went two goals down in the first couple of minutes but a penalty converted by Pratt and a second goal scored along with Titley making it three goals. Croydon manged to score a final goal before half time brining the score to 3 – 3. A half time talk by coach Zak Sly and some change in tactics saw a different second half, with Wass and Titley putting away another goal each and Wass bagging two more goals to add to his tally. Some outstanding saves by Owain Llewellyn in goal saw Croydon only convert one goal, leaving the score at the end of the game 7-4.

The last game of the day was against Bristol Central, who were being coached by London 2012 Olympian Craig Figges. A close first half saw Wass, Titley, Mason and A Armstrong score a goal apiece and put Lancaster into a 4 – 2 lead at half time.

Lancaster team: Owain Llewellyn, Stefano Cossutti, Jordan Titley, Aaron Mason, Mike Kelly, Ben Turnbul, John Pratt, Harry Palin, Isaac Wass, Alex Armstrong, Dan Armstrong and Matty Alderson

Staff: Zak Sly and Paul Mason



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