Meet the coaches

Our club coaches are full time volunteers. Each coach is DBS checked and up to date with their safeguard training, which both are provided by the club.

Each session will have a level 2 qualified coach in either swimming or water polo with the all other coaches being level 1. Some coaches may have just started out in their career as a coach and once they are ready the club will support them to do their level one or two qualification.

We have a number of junior coaches, who are giving a little back and learning the ropes of coaching. These coaches will always have a minimum level one coach with them.

  • Level 1 coach is a coach who is supporting the coaching programme in a competitive environment
  • Level 2 coach is a coach who is coaching programme in a competitive environment

UKCC Level 2 Qualified Coaches – Swimming

  • Jill Shaw
  • Karl Bradley
  • Andy Daykin
  • Catie Giles
  • Louise Leech
  • Paula Robinson
  • Celia Sykes
  • Trish Tuer

UKCC Level 1 Qualified Coaches – Swimming

  • Victoria Cooper
  • Richard Hannam
  • Celina Hart
  • Lucas Heaton
  • Stuart Horton
  • Adam Leech
  • Daisy Pollitt
  • Olivia Robinson
  • Harry Sykes
  • Millie Sykes
  • Lucy Tidswell
  • Louise Wareing
  • Jane Watson

UKCC Level 2 Qualified Coaches – Water Polo

  • Andrew Wilson
  • Zak Sly

UKCC Level 1 Qualified Coaches – Water Polo

  • Ryszard Detko
  • Aaron Mason
  • Harry Palin
  • Katie Tuer

Poolside Helpers

  • Imogen Barker
  • Paul Britton
  • Hannah Eaton
  • Jessica Loxam
  • Rosie Pollitt
  • Harry Shaw

Parent / Coach Liaison

We also have a parent  who acts as in the capacity of  parent/ coach liaison.  Please speak to Annette Quarry if you wish to discuss any matters.

Front of House

Louise Park is our ‘Front of House’ and can be found at the table by the entrance to the spectator area.  Louise will answer any queries or direct you to the correct person to liaise with.