Alex Armstrong

When did you start playing water polo and why?

I started playing at the age of  5, because my dad brought me down to the local club which he was part of and I’ve enjoyed it so much from then that I’ve never stopped.

Describe yourself in five words

Determined, passionate, relaxed, thoughtful and hardworking

Name three people who helped you become the water polo player you are today and why

  1.  Ron Winn – he helped me first ease into training with Lancaster and was a big part of my progression.
  2. Andy Little – he was my main coach growing up and helped me growing up with improving my game.
  3. Paul Armstrong (Dad) – through the full of my time playing polo he’s always supported me in all of my choices and he’s always helping me improving me game.

How do you prepare yourself for a game?

I like to prepare myself be relaxing and chilling out

This was your first year in the BWPL for Lancaster how do you think you did and why?

I think my first season why interesting, although I didn’t get much pool time I think I still did my part for the team when I was needed to do so.

You are from Carlisle what made you come to Lancaster and has it helped you progress?

I first came to Lancaster after Ron Winn asked me to following my first inter regions competition, it has helped me progress by playing and training with some of the best players for my age group

How do you manage your time with school/college and traveling to Lancaster from Carlisle

I manage my time by planning when my studies and work around the time I need to attend training.

You will be taking part in your last National Age Group Championships this year, how do you think the Lancaster team will do and why?

I think Lancaster have a very strong chance of finishing 1st or 2nd this year, I believe we have to squad depth and overall quality to beat many of the teams we will face in the up and coming rounds.

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